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Fun Top Green Chilli Classic And Spicy Sauce Really Hot 8ml
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Manufacturer: India
Brand: FUN TOP
Model: fun top green chilli sauce 8gm, your kitchen’s ultimate king
Detail: 8 gm

About this item:

  • The classic and spicy green chili sauce is a favourite amongst Indians who desire a spicer palette. Commonly served with foods like chaats, vada pav, pakodas, cutlets, samosas and kachoris, our spicy and delicious sauce is made from the freshest green chilies. Just a dab of our favorite Green Chili Sauce onto your dish can liven up your taste buds and add some heat to any snacky dish. Made from fresh green chili pulp, spices and condiments and natural preservatives, our excellent packaging methods ensure that your favorite spicy sauce remains exactly that for a long, long time.

Product Details:

  • Brand : Fun Top
  • Flavor : Green Chilli
  • Color : Green
  • Net Contents : 8ml
  • Pack Type : pouch
  • Address: Dorma, Khunti, Jharkhand - 835227
  • myadvikaContact Seller:(+91) - 6200827234

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