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Niine Dry 230mm Naturally And Cottony Soft Sanitary Napkin Regular 2s
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Manufacturer: India
Brand: Niine
Model: niine dry comfort regular 2s 230mm
Detail: 2 Pc

About this item:

  • Niine Sanitary Napkins come with a soft and cottony top sheet for extra comfort throughout the napkin usage time.
  • Rash free product, Soft Edge Arms made of textile cotton help prevent rashes during and after periods.
  • Come with Optimal Embossing Design for even spreading and long use.
  • Long lasting fragrance for Odour control and provides a comfortable feminine protection.
  • No Ink used on pads to help ensure chemical free product in contact with intimate areas.

Product Details:

  • Brand : NIINE 
  • Material : Cotton
  • Item Form : Pads
  • Scent : Scented

  • Address: Dorma, Khunti, Jharkhand - 835227
  • myadvikaContact Seller:(+91) - 6200827234

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