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Sundrop Roasted Peanut Butter Creamy Regular Butter 200grams
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Manufacturer: India
Brand: Sundrop
Model: sundrop peanut butter creamy200g ,
Detail: 200 gm

About this item:

  • Sundrop  Peanut Butter creamy is a tasty bread spread made of roasted peanuts (90% by weight). It is tasty and healthy as well because it has zero cholesterol and zero trans-fats. Sundrop  Peanut Butter creamy is a power-packed spread as it is loaded with proteins (25% of each serving is made up of proteins) and also a rich source of fiber. This product is perfect for any snack or part of any meal. From a delicious piece of peanut butter toast to apples or celery with a peanut buttery dip, the choice is yours.


  • Roasted Peanut, Sugar, Stabiliser, Peanut Oil & Iodised Salt.


  • Vegetarians who cannot consume animal protein will find peanut butter a valuable protein source. In fact, if you want, you can also make this spread at home and dump the sugar element altogether which makes it even healthier. Peanuts are packed with nutrients and good fats; in fact, they are good for a healthy heart and can decrease the risks of cardiovascular disease by 21%. Peanuts are also known to be rich in niacin, folate and Vitamin E along with manganese.

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